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We Believe In A More Creative Future

At Arts Huntsville, we believe that the arts and creativity are essential to vibrant communities. The future of innovative creation is ever-changing. New circumstances often generate new creative ideas, businesses, solutions, and problems. For this reason,  Arts Huntsville works to continuously provide the Huntsville arts community with the tools and resources to thrive.

Artist Opportunities

Arts Huntsville is pleased to share this list of Artist Opportunities. Discover open calls, art residencies, exhibition opportunities, grants, awards, art careers, and more from leading art organizations and institutions worldwide. If you have questions about a specific opportunity, please reach out to the organization listed directly.

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Huntsville Arts & Cultural Grant Program

The Huntsville Arts & Cultural Grant Program was launched in 2013 by Mayor Tommy Battle. The program is designed to nurture artistic excellence, encourage public access to arts and cultural programming, expand arts education opportunities, and develop the organizational capacity of Huntsville’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. 

2024 Application is live. Find complete Grant Guidelines here for download.

2024 Application

Arts Equity & Access To The Arts

Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Access 

Arts Huntsville is committed to ensuring that everyone in our region has equal access to the arts and arts opportunities. The arts are a catalyst for social change, and we continuously work on our efforts for equitable, truthful, and inclusive representation for all.

Professional Development

Arts Huntsville is dedicated to helping artists advance at every stage of their careers. We offer arts workshops, leadership tools, training, and networking events to the local arts community. We strive to equip our creative community with the resources and tools needed to flourish.

Press Release Service

As a creative, you will always have something you want to share. Whether it’s to promote your work or announce an upcoming art exhibition, live show, or theatre performance, a press release is a great way to get the word out. Arts Huntsville’s Media Service connects the Huntsville arts community to local, regional, and state media contacts in Television, Radio, and Print. 

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