Arts Huntsville Press Release Service

Get Equipped With Quality Press Releases

Arts Huntsville Press Release Service

Arts Huntsville’s Media Service connects members to local, regional, and state media contacts in Television, Radio, and Print. The service equips members of the arts community to send high-quality press releases and PSAs to a constantly updated list of media contacts.

All press releases are sent under the individual organization/user’s name with a footnote that it is being received as a service of Arts Huntsville. Arts Huntsville staff reviews and sends out pending press releases Monday – Friday. Releases must be complete by 10 am to go out same-day.

Pricing: $20 for one-time use | $60 annual unlimited use

Interested in learning more or signing up for this service? Email [email protected] 


How It Works

Arts Huntsville’s Media Press Release Service enhances our members’ ability to reach out to various media outlets with press releases, PSA’s, etc. You can elect to send your release to:

  1. All members of our media list
  2. A segment of our list – choose from any combination of: TV Local, Cable TV Regional, Radio Local, Print Local, Print Regional, Print Campus

Program notes

  1. This Multi-User account allows for all Arts Huntsville members to benefit from a closely monitored and managed media contact list.
  2. You’ll notice this program has a communal or collaborative feel. The results and analytics of the campaigns are visible to all users and while one may create and store template and campaigns in these folders, they are not private or protected. Please be respectful of other members’ efforts.
  3. Take care to not overwrite templates. You can replicate templates or campaigns and place them into your organization’s named folder for your convenience.

There are a few common mistakes frequently made that can result in accidental spam filtering

  • Using phrases like “Click here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”
  • Excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
  • USING ALL CAPS (especially in the subject line).
  • Using bright red or green colored fonts.
  • Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big image, with little or no text.
  • Using the word “test” in the subject line. Sending a test to multiple recipients within the same company. That company’s email firewall often assumes it’s a spam attack.


In order for Arts Huntsville to send your release it must meet the following criteria:

Press Releases

  • Logo image, and/or organization/artist name
  • Address, office number, website
  • Title
  • “For immediate release: [date]”
  • “For more information contact: [Phone Number]” This must be a number where media can readily reach your organization.
  • Answer: “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How much?”
  • Links to the organization’s website & social media (if applicable)
  • Include pictures (optional, but encouraged)