Aug 25

What to Get Out of and Take Away from Art Tour of Homes

The concept of the Art Tour of Homes is a simple one – area homeowners and art enthusiasts open their homes to the public to inspire visitors to start or grow their collection of art.

Art Tour of Homes offers a glimpse into the private residences of passionate art collectors and provides insight into how art seamlessly integrates into the fabric of their everyday lives. This gives our tour-goers a greater understanding of how anyone, on any budget, can use art to enhance their environment.

Art Tour of Homes is Arts Huntsville’s only fundraiser. Participants purchase a $20 ticket and in turn, are granted access to five different inspiring homes!

What to Get Out of Art Tour of Homes

Let’s go ahead and get this part out of the way… most of us would love an opportunity to take a peek inside a gorgeous home. Here’s your chance!

Besides satisfying curiosity, what can you expect out of Art Tour of Homes?

  • Inspiration
  • Interesting places to display art
  • Decorating ideas
  • New ways to display art
  • A gallery art experience

If you enjoy seeing all types of art, then Art Tour of Homes is an amazing way to spend a few Saturday hours!

PLUS – Art Tour of Homes is a fundraiser. Your ticket goes to support our mission year-round. See art, get inspired by art, and help keep the arts alive in Huntsville!

What to Take Away from Art Tour of Homes

What do we mean by “take away” from Art Tour of Homes? Not literally taking something, though there will be some local shopping guides and sponsor info that you can absolutely walk away with! We mean the thoughts that stay with you, or the things you find yourself chatting about later with friends and family.

What do we think these “take aways” are?

  • Broaden your definition of “art”
  • Art can be found for any budget
  • Discover a new local artist you love

Take these thoughts with you as you head to your next local maker’s market, art festival or gallery shopping trip! We go more in depth in our article “FOUR INSIDER TIPS FOR SHOPPING AN ART MARKET“, so take a read while these ideas are fresh in your mind.

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