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Request for Qualifications: Huntsville Mural Project

Request for Qualifications: Huntsville Mural Project

Arts Huntsville is pleased to invite area artists to submit qualifications for a new mural to be located in a prime Huntsville location with pedestrian engagement.

In spring 2018, Huntsville will unveil dynamic new, street-level artwork that encourage interaction, engagement and social media sharing.

Artist Award

The artist award for the Mural Project will be $8,000.00 This budget will include all costs of creating the artwork, including but not limited to artist fees, travel, insurance, overhead, design fabrication and contingency.

Artist’s Responsibilities

If selected to complete the mural project, the artist will be responsible for:

  • Developing and securing approval for final concept for the project, with final mural size TBD based on location.
  • Performing all services and furnishing all of the supplies, materials, and/or equipment necessary for the fabrication of the approved design. This performance must be in accordance with specified project schedule.
  • Creation of work that utilizes durable materials that is resistant to vandalism and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Working cooperatively and maintaining effective communication with all parties involved in the project.
  • Attending all necessary design, construction and installation coordination meetings (minimal).
  • Attending events, as requested, from May 24 – 31, 2018, to celebrate and inform the public about the project.

Application Process

Interested artists should submit their qualifications by April 13, 2018 online at the link below:

Application requirements include:

  • Resume
  • Website (if available)
  • Three (3) images of previous work
  • Two professional references (2)
  • Social media links
  • A brief written description (150-word maximum) on what inspires you about Huntsville’s creative, innovative community.
  • A brief written description of your schedule availability to complete this project in April/May 2018 for a May 23, 2018 completion.

Selection Process

Arts Huntsville will work with project partners to select 2 to 4 finalists to submit a sketch proposal for the final mural location. Finalists will receive additional information on project goals, site location and mural size from project partners at that time. Proposal sketch deadline is currently scheduled for May 3, 2018.

Proposal Fee

Finalists will receive a proposal commission of $150.00 for submission of their completed sketch.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used during the selection process:

  • Demonstration of artistic excellence by maintaining high quality, innovation, creativity and clarity of vision in the project proposal and sketch.
  • Enthusiasm for Huntsville, ability to engage with the public and embody the community’s creative and innovative spirit.
  • A positive track record of delivering quality projects on schedule and on budget, as determined by past work and references from previous clients.


Planned Project Milestones

April 13, 2018:                                                Online application deadline

April 24, 2018:                                                Finalists selected

May 3, 2018:                                                   Proposal sketch deadline

May 11, 2018:                                                 Artist award announced

May 12 – 23, 2018:                                        Mural completion

May 24 – 31, 2018:                                        Project launch / media events


Please direct all questions to Alex Abel-Boozer, Gallery Coordinator, at Arts Huntsville. Phone 256-519-2787; email [email protected].

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