Jan 31

Public Artist Workshops

Arts Huntsville, the public art program manager for the City of Huntsville, is offering two (2) opportunities for local artists and artists teams to further develop their public art skills. The first opportunity will be a five-series workshop in which studio artists learn from public art professionals how to apply and be selected for art commissions in the public realm. The second opportunity will serve as a capstone project to the workshop series, where two (2) participating artists or artist teams will be selected to fabricate and install a temporary sculpture. The first sculpture will be temporarily installed at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, a private enterprise located in a more protected environment that caters to an arts-appreciative audience. The second sculpture will be installed in a distinctly different location that will be announced during the workshop series. The selected proposals will be in place for approximately 12 months.

Secondary goals include encouraging local artists to consider the public art field, building the skills of local artists to successfully execute public art projects and providing possible opportunities for their employment and career advancement.

The goals for the proposed artwork are to provide a temporary opportunity to observe the changes that weathering and the environment have on artworks outdoors.

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