Josh Allison | Vita Nova Vinyl

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My name is Josh Allison and I’m from Scottsboro, Alabama. I remember when I was 5 walking around my parent’s house with a notebook and a pen drawing everything I could! I’ve always had a love for art. Fast forward 30 years. I’ve been a full-time musician for over 15 years and the artist in me wants to come out! I was gifted a wood burning set about 4 years ago, and the idea hit me! I wonder if this would cut through vinyl records. I purchased some X-Acto knife tips for the wood burner and the rest is history!

“Vita Nova Vinyl”
(latin for “new life vinyl”)

I use unplayable and scratched vinyl records and hand-cut them with a heated Xacto knife to make framed art/bowls/jewelry and give the records a NEW LIFE!