Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller

Categories: Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment / Painting / Visual Arts

“Broken brushstrokes, line and layers”

Vanessa Miller was born and raised in sunny South Africa and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics  from the University of Stellenbosch. Later, she completed a postgraduate in teaching from the university of South Africa. Now, she is a full-time, professional artist residing in Huntsville, Alabama. Vanessa prefers painting from life. Her subject matter includes: still life, street scenes, landscape, interiors, and figures.

After 9/11, her American husband, who was an international baseball scout for the Milwaukee Brewers, felt it was best to move his family back to America. Her husband wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom and while their twins went to Mother’s morning out, Vanessa would paint in her kitchen. She wanted to find a way to produce an income from home, and so started out in portraiture.

She went to study with Daniele E Greene in New York and then with a Chris Saper at the Scottsdale Artist school. Later on a trip to Laguna beach she was introduced to Plein air painting. She fell in love with this method of painting, being out in the open, surrounded by Nature and hearing the sounds of God’s creation. She then trained with John C Traynor and Kim English to learn more about Plein air painting.

As of late, she has wanted to learn more about layering and broken brushstrokes, so she went to Canada to learn from Ingrid Christensen and then studied with Maggie Siner.

She is a member of AIS and NOAPS and exhibits and sells her work at juried shows in Huntsville, Birmingham, Memphis, Chattanooga and Atlanta.