The Mishaps

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We are The Mishaps! Tommy Brown and Donald McNeese are our guitar players, and Alex Reynolds and Mollie Cole make up The Stank – the rhythm section. Mollie plays bass, Alex beats the drums. However, we don’t get comfortable for long, We all may switch instruments on you when you aren’t looking. That’s pretty cool, I think. Keeps us on our toes. We have a wide array of musical influences, ranging anywhere from Otis Redding to Black Sabbath. We started playing together just as fellow musicians, booking gigs here and there. But after playing a couple, we decided not to fight destiny and form a real-deal band. The Mishaps came together full force, and we can’t stop, won’t stop jamming our hearts out for the public eye. The joy it brings is unmatched, and you can see it all over us when we play.