Sara Bowen

Categories: Ceramics / Clay / Visual Arts

Sara Bowen graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, specializing in Medieval art and functional, religious art pieces. Bowen began working with clay on the potter’s wheel in 2015, during a high school trip to China and in art classes back home and continued practicing through college. After learning more about clay and about making a living as an artist, she decided to pursue pottery as a career. Bowen worked in her mother’s garage for nearly two years building her wheel-throwing skills before moving to Huntsville, AL in 2014. There she opened a studio at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment and began teaching pottery classes. In 2019, Sara Bowen closed her studio at Lowe Mill, and has been working from her home studio ever since. She has exhibited work in galleries and art festivals across the state, and her work can be found online at and @sarabowenpottery on Instagram and Facebook.