Rocket City Chorus

Categories: Local Bands/Ensembles / Voice/Choir

Vision:  The Huntsville Metropolitan Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is devoted to performing a cappella, four-part harmony.  We will constantly strive to achieve the highest possible level of musical and entertainment excellence with all our quartets and the Rocket City Chorus.  We will actively contribute our efforts toward enhancing the overall lifestyle and cultural quality of our community by providing wholesome entertainment, bonding diverse people through the joy of singing and supporting vocal music education.

Purpose: To develop the individual musicianship, vocal proficiency, and performance skills of our members; to make a positive impact to lives of local audiences by sharing the joy of the traditional American Musical Art Form of barbershop harmony; and to forge lasting relationships among the chorus members.

Mission:  To enrich the lives of the people in our community by providing them with entertaining, wholesome musical programs that perpetuate a cappella, four-part harmony; to educate/train our members that they may improve vocal skills/quality, performance, and personal fulfillment in a cappella singing.  Our performance goal is to share our love for great music and close harmony with all our audiences, and hopefully give them a musical gift that will impact their lives in a positive manner.



1.  We will foster an environment of fellowship by being kind and helpful, maintaining a positive attitude, welcoming new and potential singers, and sharing our passion for barbershop harmony with others.

2.  Our Director will foster an environment of learning, discipline, and focused achievement, striving to shape the chorus for the highest quality of vocal performance in the barbershop style.

3.  The chorus members will commit to learning the selected repertoire in note, lyrics, timing, sound quality, choreography, and any other aspect of performance.  They will train on their own time to prepare for group blending and polishing at rehearsal time.  They will maintain their chorus uniforms and outfits so that they will look excellent while performing. Members are expected to maintain their songbooks and to wear their chorus name tags at rehearsals and events when needed.

4.  The chorus will perform only when they have perfected their art and met the high-quality standard of the Director and the Music Leadership Team.  After they have demonstrated preparedness, then they will perform in the community, at various events and concerts, and wherever their performances will be appreciated.

5.  Each member will actively identify prospective new members who enjoy barbershop harmony and will commit to the standards we have established.