Rickie Higgins | Higgins Art

Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

Rickie Higgins is a painter who discovered oil painting at age 35. He took a painting workshop with a local artist and was immediately hooked. His first three paintings sold at a local gallery within a couple of weeks. He has been painting ever since and has become known for his paintings of lonely chairs and faces. Higgins’ chairs are often tall and thin, with fragile appearances. They remind him of the loneliness of his childhood, but he finds them beautiful, nonetheless. His faces are elongated and abstract, with expressive brushwork. They are visual representations of emotions and remind him of humanity and God’s most beautiful creations. Higgins’ paintings are popular with collectors, who often bond with them in many ways. Some give them names and personalities, while others remind them of loved ones. Higgins is grateful for the success of his art and is happy to know that his paintings provide a worthy addition to one’s circle of relationships.