Raven Armstead | Rave Sake Studios

Categories: Mixed Media / Muralists / Prospective Muralists / Public Artists / Visual Arts

Raven Armstead, aka Rave of “Rave Sake Studios”, is a self-studied traditional artist from Atlanta, GA, now Huntsville, AL based. She spends most of her time learning, crafting, and sharing Fine Art pieces, prints, coloring books, and murals that focus on expression, connection, and flow. This art has been her therapy since childhood and, as of 2021, is her full-time job.

Making use of many mediums (especially acrylics, charcoal, pencil, and metal foils), Rave uses textures and layers to bring pieces to life. She achieves an ethereal, whimsical feeling throughout each series while keeping the main focus on features and body types that are unique in different ways. These creations are meant to encourage and inspire people of all backgrounds to embrace and display the perfect imperfections we share, for the {sake} of therapy in art.”