Playful Gallery by Rob Harrison

Business Address:

2707 Churchill Drive SE
Huntsville , AL 35801

Categories: Drawing / Photography / Visual Arts

My online gallery specializes in art and nature photography, digital art, and hybrid digital/photography. It features both my work and that of my partner.

photograph nature, the environment, and the interactions of humans with them. I
bring a novel vision to the world, the animals and plants in it, and to life in
 I am highly
influenced by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s philosophy of photography: capture the
decisive moment and use the entire image with minimal photomanipulation. 

I’m not above restoring color vibrancy and correcting technical defects, I aim
to let the camera and not the software tell the story. Mind you, I’m not above
a little photomanipulation when it makes the picture work.

I have
been an active photographer since my teens. Back then it was fun to experiment
with different types of film and developer formulations, but today everything
is electronic. I tend to be a “pixel pusher” who aims for sharp clear images.

unobtrusive and having good wilderness skills is essential for my work (and my
city friends wonder why I have so much camouflage gear). Wildlife photography
takes a combination of luck, knowledge, skill, patience, and a whopping great
lens. My go to equipment for wildlife photography is a Sony A7R IV body with
Tamron 28-75mm, Tamron 75-300, and Sony 200-600mm lenses. The mirrorless A7R
IV camera is fast, flexible, and extremely quiet; while the lenses cover
the ranges most often needed.

While I
am in the first stages of my artistic career, I have been accepted at the
Double Decker show in Oxford Mississippi. I am an active member of the
Southeastern Photography Society and the Professional Photographers of America.
I am helping Arts Alliance Inc (Marietta) to apply for NEH and other funding.