Natasha Nashadka

A portrait of a girl.
A painting of sea turtles in the water.
A painting of a close-up of a sunflower.
A drawing of a girl kissing a man on the cheek.

Categories: Drawing / Muralists / Painting / Prospective Muralists / Visual Arts / Visual Arts Instruction

Natasha Nashadka is an artist, portraitist, teacher, blogger, and homeschooler working in the Huntsville, Alabama area. (I know – when does she find the time to sleep?) She has been drawn to art (pun intended) for as long as she can remember, and she periodically talks about herself in the third person.
Not only does she want to add more meaning to people’s lives through art, she strives to find artful solutions to their problems.

A few of her favorite projects have been:

  • Painting a mural of Jesus Feeding The Five Thousand donated to the Salvation Army’s soup kitchen.
  •  The Painted Bra project to raise money for breast cancer research.
  • Painted scenery for the Whimsical Woods, a project by Burritt on the Mountain, that encourages children to get outdoors and experience hands-on play.