Miss Calliope

Categories: Music / Solo Musicians

Miss Calliope (ka-lee-OH-pee) is a songwriter, performer and teaching artist. From elementary school to college, she’d write silly songs and poems to help ACE her tests.

In 2020 Miss Calliope was commissioned by the Board of Education to write educational music for an Arts Integration project that would deliver art, music, and earth science to elementary school students in rural Alabama. Those songs would go on to form the basis of Miss Calliope’s interactive, EDutainment show “From the Soil to the Stars.” The show has been awarded grant funding from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Private sponsorships and Grants make it possible for Miss Calliope to continue providing performing arts experiences to children in title one schools.

In Summer 2024, Miss Calliope will be touring “From the Soil to the Stars” in libraries and summer programs throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana!