Rossina Boyer | Matices De Colores Arts

Business Address:

100 Jefferson St N #329
Huntsville AL, 35801

Categories: Painting / Visual Arts / Visual Arts Instruction

Rossina Boyer, an author, painter, and dancer, each tracing itself back to her South American roots as a Peruvian immigrant. She authored and illustrated a semi-autobiographic bilingual children’s’ book: “Please, I want to see papa again! She was honored by two non-profits, raising funds for food and school supplies for migrant children. A lifelong artist, upon moving to Huntsville, Boyer opened her art studio “Matices de Colores Arts,” where she explores the abstract world and manages her art business. In early 2022, Boyer was selected to be a “Voice of Huntsville” by The Scout Guide of Huntsville, AL. She was selected by the Huntsville Hospital Foundation for Art Exhibit in October 2022. She currently has group exhibitions at different galleries in Florida and Alabama and had a solo show at The little Green Store and Gallery in February 2023. Boyer also attended PANOPLY 2023. Finally, Boyer has also been featured on several TV programs discussing her art as well as performing LIVE paintings.