Maitland Conservatory

Business Address:

5045 North Memorial Parkway
Ste F (Next to Edward Jones)
Huntsville, AL 35810

Categories: Classical Music/Instrumental Choral / Media & Design / Music / Music Instruction / Music Studio/Classes / Videography

The Mission of The Maitland Conservatory is to provide students with skills that will promote teamwork, leadership, motivation, and pride while preparing them for careers in the non-traditional Arts. We provide an educational environment consistent with evolving technologies and the global marketplace. 

Specialized Curricula

Because Maitland creates, drafts, and matches its curricula to that of universities, Foreign and Domestic Arts programs, and Magnet programs, the knowledge that students will receive will be not only extremely diverse and detailed, but it will also lend itself to knowledge required for modern day application of their acquired skills. In addition to the specialized curricula, Maitland Conservatory s also seeking accreditation by the NASM (National Association of Schools Music)

Growth and Matriculation Concept

Maitland serves as an outlet in that students not only are able to receive training and education on-site but they are also able to hone their skills with on-site facilities. For example, a student who enters the studio engineering program may develop a genuine passion for that area. Because we plan to have an on-site recording studio, that same student will have the opportunity to intern, meet real-world clientele, and possibly even make a life-long career of their dreams.

Infusion of Positivity

The Maitland Conservatory believes in the idea of nurture. Along with nurturing students’ talents or desires, an infusion of positivity; as it relates to attitude and environment, is also a part of the teaching process. Does this mean that we are lecturing students on having a positive attitude or outlook? No, rather we create a positive environment for the student to learn and grow while nurturing their talent. As the word “infusion” suggests, the positivity we inject or introduce into the student’s life should also become an extract from the students themselves. This infusion process keeps the circle of positivity going.

The Foundational Edifice, LEADERSHIP

The Maitland Conservatory builds its curricula upon the most important aspect of a person’s life…personal development. With emphasis on character development, leadership skills, and community service, Maitland prides itself on the integration of each of these important components with a student’s major area of focus.

The “CORE” Connection

The Maitland Conservatory not only focuses on providing non-traditional Arts education, but it also emphasizes its connection of non-traditional arts education with traditional core education. For example, students enrolled in the Music Business program are encouraged to delve into their grammar and speech studies, and students in the Music Production program are encouraged to enroll in Music Theory and computer technology courses.