Lee Baker

A painting of two small black and white dogs.
A painting of two young girls at the beach.
A painting of a town scene outdoors on a sunny day.
A painting of flowers.

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Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

After graduating from Auburn University in 1970 with a BFA in Visual Design, Lee worked as Art Director & Set Designer for WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1985, Lee with her husband Jonathan, started BakerWoodward Communications, a full service advertising agency with a focus on persuasive messaging through comprehensive advertising solutions for print, exhibits, outdoor, broadcast, digital, web development, logo design and branding. Lee and her team have been the creative force behind many known local and regional businesses.

In 2018, Lee began to pivot from strictly design to the fine arts, specifically oil and acrylic painting. During this time Lee was tutored by highly acclaimed American artists including Gina Brown, Barbara Davis, Aaron Westerberg, Dreama Tolle Perry, Tina Garrett and others. Upon retirement from Bakerwoodward in 2021, Lee set up her home studio where she paints in the alla prima technique. “My love of color and the interaction of light and values through loose brushstrokes defines my work.”

Lee paints mostly in oils in the Impressionist style because of the richness and depth afforded by the medium. She loves to capture the beauty of light on subject matter that evokes memories and smiles through her artistic expression.