Lakshmi Nallamala

Impressionist floral painting.
Impressionist painting of a bird.
Impressionist painting of a field with hay bales.

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Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

Lakshmi Kakani Nallamala, born in India and raised in Alabama, is inspired by the fullness of life she sees in creation. The process of combining seemingly random pigments to paint beautiful images reminds her of how God redeems broken things of this world and makes them whole.

As a retired radiologist, Lakshmi captures the light, shadow, colors, and movement she sees in flowers, landscapes, still life’s, and figures in her oil studies. She has taken workshops with accomplished artists including Nancy Franke, Gina Brown, Majorie Hicks, Barbara Davis, Dawn Whitelaw, Jennifer Taylor, and James Richards and others.

Lakshmi’s work can be found in her studio, various art shows, and boutiques in Memphis, Tennessee and Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama.