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Kana Clark
Kana Clark
Kana Clark
Kana Clark

Business Address:

2211 Seminole Drive Southwest
Huntsville, Alabama 35805
Studio 1063

Categories: Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment / Mixed Media / Painting / Visual Arts

Kana Clark is a visual artist working with an encaustic focus. Encaustic paint is one of the oldest painting mediums and was created by the Ancient Greeks. Kana makes her own encaustic paint, in her studio using beeswax, damar resin and dry pigments. Unlike traditional painters that work wet and dry, Kana works hot and cold using a propane torch.  She currently lives in Huntsville, AL and works out of her studio at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, which is an old textile factory. Kana actively exhibits her work regionally, as well as nationally and also teaches workshops.

A lifelong creative who has worked on various artistic endeavors, Kana has been painting with encaustic for nearly a decade. She is known for creating works within the realm of all things outer space. She finds her most creative voice stems from the ever expanding universe and all of the wonders within it. From the tiniest quark to the vast ocean of space, inspiration is all around and within us. Painting nebulae and exoplanets in the encaustic style are Kana’s main focus, however she also enjoys creating works featuring nature and water as the subject.


Member of International Encaustic Artists

R&F’s Teaching Artist List

Events Chair for the ALWCA, Women’s Caucus of Art, Alabama Chapter