Jana Jackson

Categories: Mixed Media / Visual Arts

Jana Jackson is an award-winning artist whose passion for the medium of alcohol inks has flourished over the years. Her interest in this artform was sparked by a desire to create unique designs for her own home, and her talent for it has only continued to grow. However, Jana’s artistic pursuits are not the only passion that drives her. As a nurse practitioner, she is dedicated to healing the body, and her art is a way for her to touch the soul.

Jana’s artistic journey has not been without its challenges. Growing up, life was turbulent, and art became a means for her to quiet her mind amidst the chaos. While the cost of high quality paints was initially prohibitive for her, she found other means to exercise her creativity. Even though some have discouraged her by saying that artists don’t make money, Jana creates art because it’s in her blood and she feels God’s pleasure when she paints. With support, she has been able to reach her dreams and create art that brings joy to others.