Heidi Knight School of Dance

Young ballet dancers learning how to tie pointe shoes

Business Address:

111 Park Place Dr Ste A
Huntsville, AL 35806-4252

Categories: Competition Dance / Dance / Dance Studios/Classes

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Heidi Knight and the rest of our team are the go-to choices for parents throughout Alabama:

  • Nearly two decades of experience
  • YPAD (Youth Protection Advocacy in Dance) certified
  • Wide variety of dance classes to suit every style and taste
  • Continued education opportunities
  • Twirl dance classes for preschool-age children
  • Annual Showcase that includes a themed party, and performances for all dancers with unmatched production value
  • High-performing dance companies that compete throughout the Southeast and win many awards
  • A family-like atmosphere fostered by our highly trained instructors