Heidi Barnett

Categories: Other / Painting / Visual Arts

“I love seeing the beauty in the natural imperfections of nature, a bug eaten leaf has a lot more character than a perfect one.  Seeing nature’s imperfections reminds me that we’re all beautiful (handsome) just the way we are and I hope to bring this into my paintings.”


Artist Bio

Heidi Barnett moved to Huntsville, AL from Issaquah, WA (a small town just east of Seattle) and fell in love with Huntsville’s beauty and people.

Ms. Barnett loves to play with watercolor taking most of her inspiration from nature.  During her walks, she photographs whatever attracts her attention and later translates the photos into paintings.

Part of Ms Barnett’s latest watercolor style begins with splashing fun colors of paint onto the paper.  It’s her favorite part of the painting process because it helps her inner child emerge and she feels like she’s laughing inside.