Guadalupe Lanning Robinson

A multi-colored ceramic pot.
A gallery scene with quilts and ceramic pots.
A geometric quilt.
A multi-colored ceramic pot.

Business Address:

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, Railroad Room 1
2211 Seminole Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805

Categories: Ceramics / Clay / Fiber / Visual Arts

Guadalupe is a ceramicists and quilter that has been working in Huntsville since moving from her native Mexico in 1985. She studied ceramic arts at Centro de Artesanías y Artes Plásticas Independencia, Mexico City. She has been twice recognized as an Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellowship recipient and has received a number of awards throughout her career.

“A great fascination with different-colored clays and their texture has led me to experiment and study clay for the past forty years. I have great reverence for the idea of craftsmanship and it is a factor I try to maintain. My work has developed from the respect I have for the material and the joy I experience when working with it. Making objects of integrity that could contribute to the traditions in pottery thousands of years old is a continuous responsibility”

“After living in Alabama for so many years, something of the Southern Culture was bound to influence me. Quilting has become a source of artistic integration.”