Artwork of an astronaut floating near Saturn.
A painting of the Saturn IV in space.

Categories: Established Muralists / Mixed Media / Muralists / Painting / Public Artists / Visual Arts

“Float” has never been able to stay still. Instead, he harnesses that restless energy to continuously explore new avenues of creativity. Being a self-taught artist, he constantly delves into novel techniques, consistently expanding his skill set whenever the opportunity arises. Among his many talents, “Float” excels in the art of stenciling; however, he has also mastered the art of blending freehand painting with stenciling, resulting in his distinctive and polished creations. He is an established muralist and an artist that has worked with the City of Huntsville’s Public Art Program.

“Float” draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including cartoons, comics, science fiction, fantasy, and street art. Since 2008, he has been injecting his unique style into various artistic endeavors such as canvas painting, custom collectibles, murals, furniture refurbishing, sticker/t-shirt design, and logo design. By infusing his personal touch into each project, “Float” manages to leave a lasting impression on his audience.