Drop Metal

An artistic metal eye surrounded by rays.
An abstract piece of metal art.
An abstract teal-colored metal spiral, outdoor sculpture.
An outdoor sculpture, metal light bulb on a plinth.

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[email protected]

Categories: Metal / Public Artists / Visual Arts

Founded in 2010, Drop Metal is a Design and Fabrication Studio in Huntsville.

Drop Metal is the idea and brand of Micah Gregg. After a few years of tech school welding and a degree from Auburn University’s in Industrial Design, Drop Metal was founded. In the first years, Drop Metal operated from a barn turned workshop on the Gregg farm in Prospect, TN. He also ran a small retail space located at Lowe Mill. In 2015, Drop Metal relocated to Huntsville, Al. Drop Metal is currently located in old auto body shop in west Huntsville near Campus 805.

Drop Metal continues refine its work and product offerings with clean design, rustic accents, and quality handmade craftsmanship.

Drop Metal creates signage and lettering, lighting, furniture, and outdoor art and installations. Drop Metal is always up for new challenges and look forward to exploring the endless opportunities that metal creation provides.