Dariá Hammond

Daria's mural work at Trader Joe's.
Mural at Huntsville Hospital.

Categories: Established Muralists / Muralists / Painting / Public Artists / Visual Arts

Dariá (pronounced “Dare-ree-aye”) embarked on her journey in the arts and the Arts in Health field in 2018. This experience opened her eyes to the larger vision of addressing her community’s needs. She envisioned expanding her Fine art studio to offer public health opportunities that would sustain the future and nurture the well-being of others. Dariá actively collaborates with various organizations in the Huntsville community, fostering creativity through facilitation. These partnerships include programs for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, the Arts in Medicine program at HH for Women and Children, Rehabilitation communities, and more.

In 2021, Dariá joined forces with her husband Richard, an engineer and musician, to broaden their impact through programs, workshops, and partnerships. Their shared mission is to inspire, guide, and sustain the future through creativity. This collaboration gave rise to Hammond Studio & Co.

Within Hammond Studio & Co., Dariá’s art focuses on healing and evoking nostalgia, infusing each piece with profound meaning that serves as a voice for her artwork. She allows her faith to shape and guide her creative process, aiming to redefine and transcend conventional notions of divine creativity.

During their downtime, Richard and Dariá find joy in their growing family. Richard continues to express himself through music, while Dariá remains dedicated to her artistic pursuits.