Christina Wegman Fine Art

Business Address:

Huntsville, AL

Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

Christina Wegman Fine Art Gallery is the studio and shop of Huntsville artist Christina Wegman. Open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm, you can expect to find Christina painting there and lots of available paintings, prints, and other fine art items, often depicting local scenes. The gallery also displays and sells select ceramics, mosaics, candles, soaps, and bath and body products.

Artist Statement

Ten years ago, after graduating from UAH with a BA in German studies, Christina Wegman began painting. Although she had drawn and painted as a hobby growing up, in the summer of 2007, the notion sprang up in her head that she might do more with her art. By fall, she had finished 15 paintings and held her first solo show at Artistic Minds Gallery in Monrovia.

Her love of exploration and beauty has shaped her work over the years and led her to a full career as an artist and local business owner. Thriving on variety, she works in abstract and traditional styles, often combining both for a creative twist. Despite hailing originally from Northridge, California and spending a few of her childhood years in Texas and Florida, she has spent most of her life in North, Alabama and has been proud to call Huntsville home. She has been educated in both Alabama and Montreal, Canada, and completed her college internship in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany in 2005. She has been returning to Germany ever since. In terms of artistic philosophy, she has been strongly inspired by the Expressionist movement and the works of Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky. She works primarily in water-based oils, but often experiments with traditional oils or acrylics as well. Her fine arts education has come mostly by means of observation, visiting museums, and the artistic legacy passed on to her by her grandfather, a sculptor, and mother, an artist and teacher. Her other interests include playing piano, reading, knitting, and appreciating historic architecture.

She has been represented by Arts Huntsville, The Huntsville Art League, The Little Green Store, The ARTery LLC, Blue Healing Spa, Sam&Greg’s, The Church Street Wine Shoppe, The Cupboard in Decatur, and other businesses. She opened her own public studio and gallery, Christina Wegman Fine Art, in March 2014 at Clinton Row and has been a staple of Downtown Huntsville for nearly four years. In late 2015, she painted her “Alley Cat” mural on the side of the Downtown Storage building, and sells prints of the work to raise money for pet rescue. She completed an indoor mural for Huntsville’s Pints&Pixels soon after. She was particularly proud to be part of the “Walls to Walls” group show featuring the artwork of six Huntsville muralists in 2016. She has also been proudly demonstrating plein air painting at Panoply for the past couple years.