Charlotte Marie Isbell

Abstract art on linens.
Abstract art on linens
Abstract Art
Abstract Art

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Categories: Fiber / Mixed Media / Painting / Visual Arts

Charlotte Marie Isbell is an emerging artist from Australia, living and painting in Madison, Alabama. Her practice spans across oils, acrylics and textiles. She is inspired by her vast travels and life abroad, and her unique visual expression is defined by concepts such as connection, shifting states of being, and the intricacies of being a woman. Starting with the obvious her figurative and scenery studies become the first layer of visual literacy. These simple and yet intriguing pieces dive deep into perspective, colour and emotion. Once the literal has been expressed, the gesture is ready to come through, and the essence of her studies translates into contemplative and moving abstract artworks, offering a harmonious reflection of the journey being shared, amplifying life’s beauty and bringing forward the felt but often unseen.