Bryson Thurston

Painting of an orange cyclopean creature by Bryson Thurston.
Drawing by Bryson Thurston.
Painting of a fuzzy pink monster by Bryson Thurston.

Categories: Drawing / Mixed Media / Muralists / Other / Painting / Prospective Muralists / Visual Arts

Bryson Thurston is a self-taught, intuitive artist currently based out of his hometown, Decatur, Alabama. He is known for his bright colors, whimsical characters, and uplifting spiritual themes that “invite the inner child of the viewer out to play. This bridges the generational gap and further connects us as a species.” The artwork Bryson creates is primarily inspired by visions, spiritual experiences, and the human experience. He has exhibited work regionally, created album art for an array of musicians internationally, such as his frequent collaborator Star Slinger, collaborated with Eco-Fashion designer Anna Herman, created his own clothing line, and is in the process of self publishing his first childrenʼs book.

Through his art, Bryson strives to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness, face their fears, and live the lives for which they were destined.