Briana Zierman-Felix

Business Address:

[email protected]

Categories: Muralists / Painting / Visual Arts

Briana Zierman-Felix, an abstract realism artist, conveys her life story through art. Growing up in California and now residing in Huntsville, AL, she struggled to express her emotions verbally. Instead, she learned to translate them into art with the help of her school counselor. This method became her way of coping and perfecting her craft. Her bold and vibrant pieces are created through a fast-paced, free-flowing process, akin to a dance with the canvas. Starting with a source, such as a poem, she utilizes spray paint and acrylic inks, allowing them to mix and move naturally on the canvas. The end result is unpredictable yet beautiful, reflecting the chaos and beauty of life. These paintings symbolize strength, which Briana finds admirable in individuals. While inspired by her own life’s obstacles, she intentionally keeps the message vague, inviting viewers to see themselves in the artwork and reminding them that they are not defined by their pain but by the resilience required to overcome it.