Angela True

Business Address:

16651 E Limestone Rd.
Harvest, AL 35749

Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

Angela True is a self trained abstract impressionism artist. that has studied under various artist throughout the years and continue to do so to satiate my endless curiosity for anything art!

Most of the teaching she does is one on one and out of either her home studio or her studio at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment # 2048 on the new North Wing. She usually starts a new student on a years course, 3 months basic drawing and perspective, 3 months basic pastel, 3 months basic acrylic painting and ending with 3 months basic oil techniques. If interested you may reach her through her website

A good portion of her work can be see hanging at through TAC at the Von Braun Civic Center and in upscale restaurants in Decatur, and various festivals such as Monte Sano..etc..

Previous shows include a large scale butterfly at The Botanical Gardens, Green wings and Butterfly Things. A chosen participate in the Athens community Calendar in 2012, and also a builder of a masquerade mask for the Space and Rocket center Masquerade Mask auction, for their Ball.

Currently a member of The Huntsville Artist focus group, The Arts Council and The Huntsville Art League. Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment in house resident artist, studio 2048.

Artist Statement:

Angela True is an imaginative painter tapped into a creative and spiritual force that feeds her art. Each painting is like a beautiful thread in a divinely woven pattern. The colors she chooses are rich, bright, crisp and deep with emotion. It is Angela’s greatest joy when someone connects with a piece. “I feel like I’mp painting these pieces not knowing who will be drawn to it and be made just a little bit more whole and fuller because of their connection.”You can’t look at her work and not be drawn into the mystical and dreamlike landscapes and visions of her current Series, “Dreamscapes.”

Her work also has encompassed a “Blues Singer “, series which was very successful.

Her chosen word for the year, “Optimism!” To be infused into all aspects of her life, mind, body, spirit and art.