Andrew Luy

Bronze bust of a man.
Sculpture of Medusa.
Sculpture of monk.
Sculpture of seated woman.

Categories: Public Artists / Sculpture / Visual Arts

Andrew Luy, originally from Asia, has since relocated to the U.S. and has embarked on extensive global travel. These experiences have exposed him to diverse cultures and various forms of artwork. Art has been an integral part of Andrew’s life since childhood, shaping his ability to think in multidimensional ways rather than solely linearly. Through art, he has developed problem-solving skills, cultivated deeper relationships, and forged meaningful connections with people, places, and experiences. Over time, Andrew realized the profound importance of these abilities in different aspects of his life.

Andrew is keenly aware of the elements that bring him happiness and seeks to share that joy whenever possible. He endeavors to blend these emotions with his sculptures, carefully tailoring them to harmonize with their intended environments. His aim is to evoke a personal and transformative experience within viewers, inviting them to interpret and feel through their own unique perspectives.