Alicia Boniakowski

Business Address:

​5650 Sanderson St
Suite B
Huntsville, AL 35805

Categories: Classical Music Training / Music / Music Instruction / Music Studio/Classes / String / Visual Arts Instruction / Woodwind


Alicia Boniakowski joins Valley Conservatory from Northern Virginia where she’s been a music educator for 15 years. She received her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania in 2001 and continued her studies by receiving her Masters of Art in Teaching from George Mason University in Virginia in 2007. She is very passionate about the arts. She loves to make music, play the flute, piano and sing. She also loves to paint, and express herself creatively through various art mediums. Abstract Art captures her attention, Picasso’s “Three Musicians” brings music & art together, and is one of her favorite works of Art. Ms. Alicia has also been traveling the world since 1999. She has been to the 6 inhabitable continents and still hopes to at least cruise by Antarctica. She’s explored many different places enjoying the culture, art and music. Lastly, she grateful for her husband Mike and her sweet dog, Maggie.