Adrian Jennings

A painting of a mourning red angel.
A collection of paintings by Adrian Jennings.
A collection of paintings by Adrian Jennings.

Categories: Muralists / Painting / Prospective Muralists / Visual Arts

Adrian Jennings is a self-taught artist hailing from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Currently residing in Huntsville, Alabama, she shares her life with her husband and two children. Her artistic creations primarily manifest on canvas or wood, employing the medium of acrylic paint. Initially, when Adrian embarked on her painting journey in 2018, she regarded art as an avenue for escaping reality. However, as she underwent various health-related encounters, her perspective shifted. Today, she perceives art as a means of acknowledging her reality and embracing her experiences as a black woman. Through her work, Adrian consistently reflects upon the lives and endeavors of black men and women. Music, ranging from blues to hip hop, significantly influences her artistic expression. Her primary aspiration is for her audience, comprising predominantly of minorities, to perceive themselves in all their magnificence.

Adrian delights in experimenting with diverse styles and techniques, drawing inspiration from graffiti, street art, realism, and abstract expressionism. Employing vibrant colors and textures, she effectively communicates and evokes emotions. Each piece she creates aims to convey her sentiments towards the subjects depicted. As Adrian enters her fifth year as a creative, she eagerly anticipates witnessing the expansion and evolution of her technique and experiences. Throughout this evolution, her message of the importance of representation will consistently shine through her artwork. In the present year, Adrian looks forward to engaging a broader audience by participating in more public art opportunities and positively impacting those around her.