Jan 22

Enhance Our Parks with Public Art

Three of Huntsville’s green spaces are yearning for the artistic touch of local artists! Thanks to the support of District 4 Council Member Bill Kling, Arts Huntsville and the City of Huntsville have three distinct opportunities waiting for local artists or artist teams to leave their mark with the first public art open calls of 2024.

1. Archer Park: Help Family Fun Take Center Stage (Deadline: March 15th):

Nestled in a diverse community, Archer Park is a 3.62-acre haven that boasts soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, a playground, and a community pavilion. We seek proposals for a captivating 3D public art installations would draw smiles and spark imaginations in this little neighborhood landscape.

2. Rose Park: Create Enchantment Near the Bridge (Deadline: March 15th):

The serene Rose Park is a quiet green space haven for residents in the surrounding neighborhood. This park features several bridges, with the central one, adjacent to a charming little free library box, serving as a lovely site for potential art enhancement. How might your 3D art installation bring a little whimsical wonder to residents’ strolls?

3. John Hunt Park: Spark Wonder Near New Park Amenities: (DEADLINE EXTENDED: March 8th):

This one is an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) for our local muralists! Applicants will be considered as candidates to paint artwork for the utility wall, nestled between the skate park and the new Kids Space Playground, awaits your artistic transformation. How will your artwork bring whimsy, rhythm, and flow to skateboarding to enhance visitor experience in this dynamic space?


  • Think creatively! Innovative and unique proposals are highly encouraged. Let your vision shine!
  • Read the details carefully! Each project has specific requirements and deadlines. Check out artshuntsville.slideroom.com for all the nitty-gritty.
  • Don’t miss out! Deadlines are approaching. The John Hunt Park RFQ EXTENDED deadline is March 8th, while Archer and Rose Park Artist-Driven RFP deadlines are March 15th.

We can’t wait to see which local artists help these spaces come alive with with creative spirit!

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