Oct 17

Arts Huntsville Gallery at the Von Braun Center

Arts Huntsville presents “INSIGHT HSV,” featuring work by local artists involved in Huntsville’s public art program.

Visitors to the Von Braun Center now through the end of January may notice an impressive new artwork collection on display its north halls. This exhibit, INSIGHT HSV: Local Artists in Public View, features the work of local artists that have been highly involved in Huntsville Public Art Program in 2022.

Arts Huntsville installed the show to raise public awareness of the city’s public art program and to exhibit the work of artists currently under consideration for new works of public art.

The exhibit features artists that have been curated among those that have advanced in recent open public art calls this year for sites such as the new City Hall, local parks, and an Artist-Initiated Public Art Program, funded by the City of Huntsville and the National Endowment for the Arts. Arts Huntsville invited the included artists to exhibit art of their choice from their body of work.

The Public Art Master Plan, initially drafted in 2014, established a Public Art Program for the City of Huntsville, to be administered in partnership with Arts Huntsville; the City’s long-time partner in supporting the development, presentation, and promotion of the arts in Huntsville. This relationship combines City resources, community oversight, and professional guidance to ensure a successful Public Art Program. The plan also recommends a focus on education and outreach, to inform the community about the City’s Public Art Program and collection, and to build the skills of local artists to successfully execute public art projects, through programming and ongoing communications.

INSIGHT HSV is free to the public and can be viewed in the north interior halls of the Von Braun Center, adjacent to Arts Huntsville office, through January 28, 2023.

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