Mar 8

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Irish Step Dance at Fitness Arts Center

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Irish Step Dance at Fitness Arts Center

“If you’re looking for something unique and different, Irish dance is definitely something to try!  There is a big social aspect at our school, and we love to celebrate one another.  In that respect, a lot of our dancers don’t stay year after year for the dancing – they stay for the friendships.” – Brandan Newman, Owner of Fitness Arts Center

Fitness Arts Center is a performing arts center that offers classes in Irish Step Dance both for the serious dancer and for those who simply want to dance for fun!  Fitness Arts Center offers classes for kids ages 6-18.  Mommy and me classes are also offered for ages 2 and under.

By taking dance, students take on a mental challenge, enhance their physical health, increase self-confidence, learn self-discipline, and make lifelong friendships. This not only promotes a child’s success in dance but also carries over into all of life’s endeavors.

Interested in learning more about Irish Step Dance?  Join Fitness Arts Center for these upcoming performances:

•  Traditions of Athens – March 9, 2019

•  UCP Irish Evenings – March 15, 2019

•  St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Straight to Ale – March 16, 2019

•  St. Baldrick’s Day – March 30, 2019

For more about Fitness Arts Center, visit their website or find them on Facebook!

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