Feb 21

Dragon Fire Ignites the Arts Huntsville Gallery

As February ushers in the auspicious Year of the Dragon, our local artists are embracing the spirit with a fiery breath of artistic expression! From now until the end of May, immerse yourself in the world of draconic artistry at the Arts Huntsville Gallery’s latest exhibit “A Celebration of Dragons”.

Driftwood Dragon by Chris WadeEnjoy the imaginative creations of both established and emerging local artists. Among them, Savannah Clay, Trinity Fox, Amy Hofstetter, Adrian Jennings, Jennifer ‘Sarai’ Johnson, Jessica Nunno, Asé Selah, Chris Wade, and Liv Weaver present their latest draconic masterpieces. Additionally, the previously-exhibited dragon-inspired works by Jamal ‘Fresko’ Turner and former local artist Logan Tanner remain on display.

Don’t miss this fiery celebration of art and myth! The Arts Huntsville Gallery is located in the North Hall of the VBC at 700 Monroe Street and is open to the public.

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