May 15

3 Reasons Why Artist Networking is Important

There is something truly special about a room full of artists!

Creative minds connecting creates an excitement, a joy, that is hard to put into words. Huntsville is fortunate to have many opportunities to indulge in this special kind of magic. Building the local artist community and strengthening their ties is an important part of the growth and development of the Rocket City!

We know why it’s important to bring artists together, but what is the benefit to the artist themselves?

To you, if you are an artist?

3 Reasons Why Artist Networking is Important

1. Meet Other Artists in Your Medium

Artists need to (and should) meet others in their field. It’s not even necessary to talk trade or technique… just getting to know others that practice in your medium is helpful. Talking shop is a bonus and bonding experience.

Networking is not just for the Research Park crowd! When you hear the word networking, you think getting together for a business or personal benefit. Art is a business, and meeting others who share your passion is definitely a benefit!

PLUS meeting other artists can lead right into number two!

2. Potential for Collaboration

Getting many different artists in the same room creates an environment for collaboration. Though not a requirement, many networking events naturally present opportunities to collab.

Be open to exploring ideas and great things may come your way!

3. Learn Something New or Trade Ideas

Artist gatherings are also hubs for sharing information. Keep up with who’s who, what’s working, where the opportunities are, and more when you network with peers.

Networking events are often hosted by a group that wants to share specific information to benefit you, so taking advantage of this knowledge is natural.

Arts Huntsville works hard to let artists know of opportunities to work, collab, network, and more. Check out our Artist Resources and be sure you join our Artist Directory!

To sign up – please email [email protected].


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