Volunteers play a major role in every arts organization throughout Huntsville and Madison County. Each day in our community, volunteers are working to build sets, sew costumes, hang an exhibit, facilitate art projects for children, answer phones, stuff envelopes, raise funds and market upcoming events.

Whether you’d like to volunteer directly with Arts Huntsville or a local theatre company, music group, dance company, museum, film studio or other arts organization, you can connect with these organizations through Arts Huntsville’s Arts Directory.

Arts Huntsville volunteers provide invaluable leadership and support for all our major programs. Arts Huntsville volunteers assist at the annual Panoply Arts Festival, Monte Sano Art Festival, and other events throughout the year.

Volunteer at Panoply

Volunteer at Monte Sano Art Festival

Panoply is a truly unique community volunteer opportunity, because all festival activities are organized by volunteers. A five person leadership team, with the assistance of Arts Huntsville staff, supervise between 100 and 150 committee chairmen who plan, organize and recruit shift volunteers for their committees. Altogether over 1,500 people are recruited to volunteer at Panoply the last weekend in April each year.

We are currently recruiting over 1,000 shift volunteers are needed at the festival in Big Spring International Park. There’s a role for every volunteer at Panoply, whether it’s a position as a committee chairman or a four-hour activity volunteer during the festival. To get on the mailing list to be notified about volunteer opportunities, or if you have questions about Panoply volunteer opportunities, please email Ashley Hudson at ahudson@artshuntsville.org

In addition to Panoply, Arts Huntsville requires the assistance of volunteers at its annual Monte Sano Art Festival. This Summer the festival, held at Monte Sano State Park, will be held on September 21-22, 2019.

To learn more, visit the link below or email Ashley Hudson, Community Outreach Manager, at ahudson@artshuntsville.org