Jessica Nunno

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

“I have an obsession with detail and color. I sit down and plan out a drawing knowing my obsession will take over, but also be relaxing. My goal has always been to create art that broke through people’s perceptions and had them question what they believed by expaning their thought process. I have had wonderful reactions to my work where people have looked at my images and saw something very personal in them, from a life altering event to a spiritual meaning. Having these reactions touches my heart and soul. And, it’s why I draw… why I do what I do. I invite everyone to take a look at my work and: Question Your Reality.” – Jessica Ann Nunno

Jessica works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She now lives in Huntsville, AL. She has been drawing her entire life, having discovered her passion for expressing herself through the visual arts at a young age. Her goal is to tell a story through images and to allow you to question what you’re seeing and make your own interpretation.
She specializes in a style called poinillism. An impressionistic style consisting of of layers upon layers of dots to create one cohesive image. She also works in highly detailed colored pencil and marker pieces. She has a love of bright vibrant color that makes each piece she does engaing and eye catching.
She sells her work at Artist’s Markers and Conventions. As well as works as a live painter at various events around Huntsville. Her inspiration comes from music, stories, movies… as well as scientific and spiritual theories and beliefs.