Cynthia Wagner

Visual Arts

Cynthia Wagner is a painter, photographer, and mixed media artist whose work explores the world of the forgotten and of disappearance over time. She considers herself a visual narrator telling stories through several artistic mediums including photography, digital image making, mixed media, and painting.
She is a graduate of Herron School of Art And Design, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis holding a BFA in Painting, minors in Art History and Anthropology as well as an AS in Visual Communications from Ivy Tech Community College with a specialty in Photography.
Cynthia is a Colorado born native and currently making art in her studio at the historic Lowe Mill in the beautiful Tennessee Valley city of Huntsville, Alabama.

Artist Statement

I’m interested in the crooked lines that house the human experience and being. In my work, I explore the issues of gender role, inequality, and the disappearance of individuals over time and space.

The fictional worlds I manufacture from paint, antique photographic images, and mixed medial materials are my chosen route for investigating and understanding the complexity and absurdity of the world around and within us. My work often has elements of transparency, fading, distortion, and eeriness. These elements are an expression of the transitory nature of life and death and other existential questions. The works are frequently large scale, sometimes larger than life, and this quality encourages the viewer to take notice of these long and forgotten individuals from the past, to reconsider the lives and likenesses of people who are no longer even memories for anyone currently living. I’m not content to simply memorialize the dead, but instead invite us to question our own mortality and desire to be remembered.