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David’s focus is hand-drawn plausible fictitious maps. He has been creating this type of map since the age of five.

The fictional maps are set in the real world and can be inspired by real places. They include research into that area, including terrain, culture, history, road layouts, public transport, language and architecture, to ensure plausibility is maintained. The maps are created on a variety of mediums, including paper, wood, board, canvas, walls (as murals), 3D Objects (e.g. furniture or instruments) and directly on skin, as temporary and very personal body art. David has designed several tattoos that turn this personal map into permanent body art. Clothing and other products have been designed in collaboration with a designer featuring several maps and are available as print-on-demand.

All maps are hand drawn and mostly created on the fly, without design or planning (no sketches or under drawing). The more detailed maps can take several months to draw.

David offers custom maps and full commissions that involve consultation with the customer to be able to include significant aspects, places and events of their life into a map. All family members, pets, significant events and dates and places lived are often included in some form.

David was trained as a cartographer by the British Government’s Military Survey mapping agency from the age of 16 and has worked in GIS, software implementation, customer training and software design within 911/Public Safety. He still performs some GIS consulting services, mostly travelling to customer sites to assist with their mapping workflows in addition to the artwork.

  • David Nuttall – Artimaps
  • David Nuttall – Artimaps
  • David Nuttall – Artimaps
  • David Nuttall – Artimaps
  • David Nuttall – Artimaps
  • David Nuttall – Artimaps

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