Public Art Survey and Workshops

Survey Open Thru February 16, 2020

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment and Arts Huntsville are partnering to provide education and resources for local artists who are interested in developing their skills to create public art and to provide specific sites at Lowe Mill A&E and in the community where temporary public artwork will be installed. This survey is to gauge artist interest and inventory artist skills to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our local artist community in translating their practice to the public realm. (Special thanks to the Boise Public Art Program for assistance with survey questions 7 thru 10.)

After receiving the results of the survey, Arts Huntsville and Lowe Mill A&E will offer a series of workshops addressing the skills needed to educate artists and assist them in understanding all aspects of the public art process and crafting work for the public realm. Artists who attend all of the workshops will be given an opportunity to submit a response to a call for site specific temporary public art at Lowe Mill A&E and/or in the greater Huntsville community. The workshops are scheduled for March and April 2020.

The process of responding to the Request For Proposal (RFP) at Lowe Mill A&E will be the same as applying for a public art commission and is structured in the same way that a typical commission for public art is posted as an RFQ or RFP.  

A selection panel will be convened from peers attending the workshop and facilitated by Arts Huntsville and Lowe Mill A&E. This process will be assisted and transparent, with the education of the artists being a key goal of the workshops. Two artworks will be chosen from the applicants who respond to the call. The temporary public art installed at Lowe Mill A&E and/or in the community will give artists an opportunity to observe the changes weathering and the environment have on their artwork.

Participating in this survey is a requirement to be considered for the workshop series. 

Survey Deadline:  February 16, 2020

Please complete survey here: