Arts Huntsville, in cooperation with the City of Huntsville Parks & Recreation, is issuing a Request for Qualifications to Huntsville-affiliated artists interested in to be submitted in digital format. This art will be printed on large vinyl wrap murals on two Outdoor Fitness Courts at Legacy Park and California Street Park .

Sample Fitness Court.

A sample Outdoor Fitness Court. ‘The Heavy Collective’ at Delhi Park in Santa Ana, California, is a collaboration between Bud Herrera, “Thirds Realm” and Kimberly Duran, “Shmi”. Photo courtesy of National Fitness Campaign.

The deadline for online proposal submission is Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 11:59 PM (CST).

Applications are to be submitted at:

All questions regarding this application should be submitted in writing by Friday, May 6 at 5:00 PM via e-mail to:

Jennifer Johnson

Public Art Program Manager
Arts Huntsville


Artists for this proposal will be selected by a panel of jurors including, but not limited to, members of the Public Art Committee (PAC) and local neighborhood representatives.

The selection panel will review and evaluate the applications based on criteria that may include but is not limited to the following:

  • A complete portfolio that meets the designated criteria (see below)
  • Availability and ability to work for the term of the project
  • References
  • Resides in the North Alabama Workforce Area or has a Huntsville connection
    The North Alabama Workforce Area is comprised of the following counties: Alabama: Cullman, Colbert, Dekalb, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Morgan, and Winston | Tennessee: Franklin, Giles, and Lincoln.


To be considered, artist portfolios will consist of 3-5 existing works that:

  • represents the artist’s capacity to create dynamic artwork designed to introduce beauty, cultural relevance, whimsy, or delight to the site.
  • demonstrates artistic excellence
  • demonstrates an ability to produce artwork appropriate for all ages and that engages with the growing, diverse city population.
  • is non-commercial in nature


The selected artist agrees to produce work that meets the following criteria.

  • Artwork is appropriate for all ages.
  • Artwork cannot contain trademark images, logos, tag lines, or be in any way thematically linked to a commercial business, establishment, product, or service.
  • Overt religious and political themes and symbolism will also be declined.
  • The PAC will reject for display works of art that are in violation of State or Federal obscenity laws.

Installation: Artworks will be digitally sized for a 32’L x 8’H mural wall and various-sized “front art zones” to be wrapped around an outdoor Fitness Court training wall (see diagrams below). The digital design collection will be printed onto an anti-graffiti laminate vinyl. PRCS will be responsible for the cost of printing and


The all-inclusive award of $5,000 per artist must cover every cost incurred by the artist in the course of designing the artwork. The City of Huntsville will cover the costs of insurance, installation, and permits (if required).

Selection and funding are contingent upon a signed Agreement between the artist and Arts Huntsville.


Two (2) Fitness Courts are located at Legacy Park and California Street Park respectively. Applicants are encouraged to visit the sites and surrounding neighborhoods. Artists should consider connecting with community members to better understand the people to whom their design should appeal.

Legacy Park is an in-development park adjacent to the Johnson Legacy Center located at 3011-A Sparkman Dr. in Huntsville. In addition to the Fitness Court, the park will include several features such as a large play area with playground equipment, hillside slides, a walking loop and green space.

California Street Park is an existing 2-acre park located at 700 California Street in Huntsville. The Fitness Court will add to the park’s existing amenities of tennis courts, playground, and basketball pavilion.

See images below for layout, measurements, and placement of walls and equipment in the Fitness Courts. Artwork will be allowed to wrap around the entirety of the wall plus various sized “front art zones.” The side-edge of the main wall will be reserved for the artist’s photo, logo, and short bio/description.

The Fitness Court is a 32’ x 35’ outdoor bodyweight circuit training system that supports 28 simultaneous users on 30 separate pieces of equipment that are grouped into seven stations. The 7 movement, 7-minute system, provides a full-body workout to people of all ability levels. The integrated system includes a sports floor to simulate the indoor gym exercise and the steel bodyweight training wall provides users with many exercise combinations.


A complete submission must include all the information and materials described below:

  • Create a Slideroom Account at
  • Letter/Statement of Interest: [Limit 1 page. Formatting guidelines: Double spaced, 12 point, one-inch margins] Describe your interest in the project and preliminary ideas for how you would approach this project. The letter should demonstrate your understanding of the project objectives and a preliminary proposal on how they would be achieved.
  • Portfolio of 3-5 images. Artwork can come from existing body of artist work or may include new works of art specifically prepared for this application.
  • Headshot
  • A 100-word bio of the artist.
  • Three references

Online proposals submitted at Slideroom only. E-mail, faxed, or hand-delivered materials not accepted. Application materials due Friday, May 20, 2022 at 11:59 PM (PST).

There is a $10 Online Application Processing Fee. Artists requiring a fee waiver may submit their request to Arts Huntsville at

Arts Huntsville strongly recommends submitting your application at least 5 days prior to the deadline to give ample time to troubleshoot. For questions, please contact Jennifer Johnson at