Melanie C. Dockery | Creative Arts by Melanie, LLC

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305 Fallen Leaf Dr SW

Categories: Painting / Visual Arts

Creative Arts by Melanie, LLC.
“Greetings! I’m Melanie Dockery. My specialty is abstract and eclectic art work using oil and acrylic paints along with melted crayons and much more. My passion for art began when I was in grade school some “years” ago, LOL. Having reared my children to adulthood, I now have the free time to engulf myself into my passion….ART LIFE! I spend my spare time bringing to canvas the images that dance around in my art inspired mind. My inspiration comes from the daily interactions with family, friends, co-workers, nature, and world happenings.
I’m so excited to finally see my dream come true in being an artist participating in craft fairs and art events! Even through the bad, a smile will remain on my face canvas as I’m finally doing what I love to do…ART!
You can find me on my Facebook page, Instagram, Creative Arts by Melanie, LLC and email [email protected]