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“This energetic group mixes old with new, and offers a modern outlook for throwback soul and vintage rock music lovers.”

If you like greasy horns and Motown-influenced melodies, Caldonia (pronounced Kal-dōn-yuh) has got something signed, sealed, delivered just for you. This six-piece band was born in small town Alabama, where revival tents and liquor stores both testify their own truths about the deep south. While saxophone and trumpet stand out on the newest bluesy “rock and soul” release Taxi, the group offers a fresh outlook on vintage music with powerful vocals layered over soulful, driving rhythms sure to get you shaking and moving.

The debut release Soulful Sweat (2019) paints a hot and humid picture where danceable rhythms flow over polished vocals, invoking pure soul. Just like the works of Aretha Franklin, Clarence Carter, Etta James, and Wilson Pickett, Caldonia recorded their debut EP at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This soulful pedigree influenced the release in a retro, raw, and reverb-soaked vibe that only a historic studio could offer.

Live shows: While classic soul covers are a staple of the band’s charismatic live show, Caldonia’s original material stands out for audiences familiar with modern, vintage-influenced acts, such as The Black Keys, Vintage Trouble, The Alabama Shakes, or St. Paul & The Broken Bones.