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The Power of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants make their own food.  Without it, we wouldn’t have flowers to stimulate our senses (and our sneezes).

To break it down, “photo” means light and “synthesis” means putting things together.

So basically, photosynthesis is putting light energy from the sun together with other “ingredients” like water, carbon dioxide and oxygen to create food for the plant in the form of glucose (sugar).


The process:

Carbon dioxide is absorbed through small holes in the leaves called stomata.

Water is absorbed through the roots of the plant and travels up the stem into the leaves.

Leaves absorb sunlight with a green chemical, chlorophyll, which is stored in a structure in the cell called chloroplasts.

Once the leaves have all of these ingredients they put them together and create glucose along with the ever important oxygen that we breathe!


Plants aren’t just beautiful to look at! They help us and many other living things to breathe every day.

Videos on photosynthesis:

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Online Interactive Activities about Photosynthesis:

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