34 String Lever Harp in Cherry
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1413 Wind River Drive
Huntsville, AL
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(256) 653-3728
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Wind River 34

Currently, I produce one model, designed to incorporate characteristics harpists prefer for the playing of Irish and Scottish traditional  music (though entirely suitable for performance of any harp music within the range of the instrument).

This type harp needs to be lightweight for easy transport, without compromising sound and durability.  It needs to produce enough sound to be heard in a public space, or in a group session.  The range of this harp is C2 - A6 (two octaves below middle C up to two octaves and four notes above middle C).

I use an even string spacing, around 4” (10cm) per octave, with medium-light tension fluorocarbon strings (sometimes referred to as "carbon" or "carbon-fibre" strings), to assist the harpist in playing this music.  Each harp I build is completed before the building of the next is begun.  This keeps me focused on the creation of a harp, rather than a repetitive piece-part manufacturing operation.

  • Hand-selected, luthier-grade Cedar, and Spruce tonewoods soundboards
  • Neck and pillar are Walnut (Black or Claro), Curly Cherry, or Curly/Quilted Maple
  • Sound box - a lamination of hardwood veneers, with the outer veneer matching the wood used in the neck and pillar.
  • Camac levers
  • Savarez Alliance KF fluorocarbon strings (bottom octave are Savarez Aziliz wire-wound

I am currently taking orders for harps, with a current delivery time of four to six weeks.  These 34-string harps are round-backed (for player comfort), and weigh approximately 18 pounds.

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